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Lei Chic - Kids

March 8, 2013

Bitty Bambu's nautical-inspired spring collection

Bitty Bambu's Stella and Seaside dresses
From left: Stella and Seaside dresses, $44 each.

Did you catch the season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project this week? It was totally ba-na-nas - especially little Sky Sky's adorable outfits (WE DIE for those mini... Read more »

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February 15, 2013

Art Explorium celebrates grand opening in Kaimuki

Lei Chic

Little known fact: we can predict the future. And in the future, your child is the next Picasso.

Go ahead and laugh. But the last time your little one got hold of the colored markers, it looked like a rainbow exploded in the living room (clearly, he's already leaving his mark).

Help him reach his destiny by way of Art Explorium, an open studio designed to give keiki of all ages the freedom to do pretty much anything and everything when it comes to art.

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February 6, 2013

Alumnae star in St. Andrew's Priory's video series

St Andrews Priory

Your daughter's latest appointment television on Monday nights: The Carrie Diaries.

Who could blame her? It follows a teenage girl leading a glamorous double life in the big city. As a responsible parent, you could point out that the show is a work of fiction fueled solely by Hollywood magic.

Or you could show her how those dreams become reality at St. Andrew's Priory School.

Okay, she may not be... Read more »

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January 23, 2013

Goodbyn's colorful, customizable lunch sets

Lei Chic
Left to right: Snacks, $7.80, Insulated Lunch Bag, $27.80, Bynto, $16.80, Bottle, $6.80, all by Goodbyn.

Lunch containers have come a long way since the days of brown paper sacks and plastic baggies. Unfortunately, the Care Bears and Smurfs tins of your heyday are now totally old school and your little one needs something awesome to flash in the cafeteria.

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