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Lei Chic - Travel

March 3, 2014

Need inspiration for your next profile picture? We’ve got you covered

Ideas for where to take your next profile picture, as seen on Lei Chic, your go-to guide to shopping, fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Honolulu, Hawaii. Read more »

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August 30, 2013

Lei Chic's favorite end-of-summer picnic spots on Oahu

Moanalua Gardens

Summer, I get it. You're leaving. You're throwing away all 59 days of us to go off and "discover yourself." Does it matter that I'm not ready? That I think we can work this out? That I'm willing to salvage a relationship that's made me happy for as far back as I can remember (like May)? You swooped in with your sunshine, beach barbecues and Fourth of July, and I fell. I fell hard. All I'm asking for is one last fling before... Read more »

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July 31, 2013

5 fun things to do in Waialua

This week is craaazy. First, you had all that Tropical Storm-turned-Depression Flossie frenzy. Then came The Cure's epic, adrenaline-pumping concert (your mind is still blown). And it's only Wednesday?

Seriously, no one would blame you if you started planning your weekend itinerary now. And since you already gassed up the car pre-storm, why not pack up... Read more »

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December 24, 2012

Sponsored Edition: Secrets Santa

Lei Chic
Click the screenshot above to watch the video.

Sure, George Clooney taught us a thing or two, but for holiday packing tips, we turned to the very best.

We're talking about the guy Up in the Air right now, racking up an insane amount of miles delivering gifts around the world.

... Read more »

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