Out of Africa


M: Agent 808, it’s time for you to face the music. My sources say you’ve changed your appearance pretty drastically in the last few months.

You: It was time to blow the covers and body guards, and show some muscle.

M: And are you accomplishing your mission?

You: The desired outcome is imminent. I’m taking African Drum and Dance classes with the Badenyaa African Diaspora Dance Theatre. They have classes all over the islands and the two-hour sessions are hard-core, but so fun I hardly notice the workout.

M: I’ve never heard of African Dancing on Oahu. They must exercise discretion.

You: Not really, they’re just run ohana-style by a group of teachers who’ve been bringing the workout and amazing culture of African dance to the islands for five years. Classes are for anyone, beginner to expert, keiki to kupuna.

M: Ingenious. Tell me more about this operation…

You: The live drumming really gets your body moving. And dancing for two hours is no joke, especially since in the African style there’s lots of jumping and booty-shaking. The drum class is mega-arm-toning. And it only sets me back $10 a class.

M: We may have to change your code name.

You: How about Tiny Dancer?

Call Tai Hawkins at 808-277-7347 for class schedules and information. For a recording of North Shore classes, call 808-636-2092. Or, visit the African Dance and Drum- Hawaii Facebook group.  [NOTE: the page contains only an outdated schedule.]

Photo courtesy African Dance and Drum - Hawaii

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