June 2009

June 30, 2009

Stimulant Package

www.leichic.comCoffee: it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Take your affinity for the beloved bean to a whole new level, with cool coffee accessories for both casual drinkers and caffeine-addicted java junkies. Whether you drink a little or a latte, get ‘em while the pot is hot.

Bean Bags
Handbags made from recycled Kona coffee burlap sacks are all the buzz these days. One standout designer is Barb Sasaki, who buys the sacks directly from Kona coffee farmers, then transforms them into one-of-a-kind market totes and shoulder bags. She lines them with aloha print or designer fabrics, with custom orders available.... Read more »

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June 30, 2009

Sack It To Me


At work, office drab is not your style.

Your everyday ensemble includes an ultra-stylish laptop bag, and you show up at every meeting with your designer business portfolio and coordinating ballpoint pen. Even your desk is topped with chic accessories that perfectly mix and match.

So why is your lunchtime look spoiled by crumpled, left-over grocery bags and boring, brown paper sacks?

Enter Bento Bags, the adorable, hand-sewn lunch totes made by local designer Joanna Lau. Available in a... Read more »

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June 29, 2009

Shady Business

You refuse to suffer in the name of fashion. You’ve found ways to make your high heels easier on your feet and to keep your bikini top from being such a pain in the neck.

But you’ve still got a headache from those sunglasses with the too-snug arms.

Well, there’s something new under the sun. Aloha Friday sunglasses, designed by local girl Jennifer Eng, don’t have hard-molded arms at all.
... Read more »

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June 26, 2009

Heavy Petal

You don’t dress to blend in.  When you live in the land of purple orchids and scarlet hibiscus, you can’t be a shrinking violet. 

Designer Mariana Echegoien understands. Her new line of dresses combines vivid colors and flower prints that pop into frocks that are a little bit surfy, and a little bit rock and roll.

Growing up in Spain and attending fashion school in Paris, Echegoien developed a fashion sense rooted in old school techniques. But when she joined her Hilo-native boyfriend in Hawai‘i, the beachy, youthful look of surfer style planted... Read more »

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June 25, 2009

Weekend Picks - June 25, 2009


Lei Chic’s guide to the weekend’s best events.

Hot Couture
What: A poolside fashion show of summer looks from Read more »

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June 25, 2009

Weekend Picks - June 25, 2009


Lei Chic’s guide to the weekend’s best events.

Hot Couture
What: A poolside fashion show of summer looks from Read more »

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June 24, 2009

Flights of Fancy


Trends from the 80s that are on the way back: neon colors, big shoulders, leggings.

At least feathered hair is still out.

Not so fast.

Check out HuluWuwu, a line of handcrafted feather accessories made by local girl Danielle Bolton, a former flight attendant who is just spreading her wings as a designer.

Bolton pairs gorgeous goose, peacock, rooster and macaw feathers, once reserved for Hawaiian royalty, with beautifully crafted silk flowers, Swarovski crystals, shells and semi-precious stones to create one-of-a-kind hair clips and earrings.

Take the Waikiki, a... Read more »

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June 23, 2009

Earthly Delights

In a perfect world, you’d drive a Prius, have an entirely solar-powered house and do all your grocery shopping at Whole Foods. But going green costs a lot of green. And the ecofriendly choice might be good for the planet, but your paycheck can’t sustain it.

Have it both ways with Tamara Catz’s Green Label collection. Made with 100 percent organic cotton and sustainable bamboo fibers, her new eco-chic line also happens to be her most affordable.

The Maui designer is already internationally famous for her breezy, colorful island wear and her Read more »

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June 22, 2009

Out Of The Loop

You’ve been buckling down on your shopping budget and buying only little extras to spice up what’s already in your closet. Your cozy cardigan already has a lot of miles on it, and you’ve even resorted to slashing your T-shirts . 

So you’ll be happy to meet local designer Dale Coarsey, whose made it a cinch to add a punch of color and fun to your fave jeans or maxi dresses.

Her Hippy Chic belts are hand sewn with... Read more »

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June 19, 2009

Car Talk


Some things you don't want to be caught doing while driving – you know, picking your nose, rocking out to Miley Cyrus or, as of 12 days from now, talking on your cell phone. 

Get caught cell-handed, and you’ll be slapped with a $67 fine for driving while talking, texting, or even just holding your cell phone – and the rates will go up for repeat offenses.

Staying on the right side of this law means you need to call Hands Free Hawai‘i. Owner Terence Yorga can install a custom system in your car that routes your calls through your car speakers, with cool features like... Read more »

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