Beauty Conquers Beast


Lucky you, Lei Chic has discovered four secrets to slay your most annoying beauty beasts.
Scrub that Booty
Durable, circulation-boosting exfoliators were impossible to find, until the Indigenous Soap Company introduced the perfectly rough Brown Body Scrubber. It resists mold, dries quick, stretches to reach those faraway areas, and even makes soap last longer. Cellulite and waxing-induced in-grown hairs, be gone! Available online from Indigenous Soap Company,
Oops Away
Sure, rumor has it that rubbing pantyhose against fabric removes deodorant marks, but who wears hose in Hawai‘i? Instead we like Skid Out, two textured sponges that instantly wipe away marks without chemicals or water. Even if you go au naturale, their food-spill and toothpaste-dribble erasing charms can’t be beat. Available at Adore in Kahala Mall, floor level next to T&C, 808.737.0608, and online at
Keep Your Pants On
Extra long jeans are still in, but no one likes them stuck in your shoe. Stiffs are the peel-and-stick solution for keeping your pants where they’re supposed to be. Just like collar stays, Stiffs’ thick paper sticks inside hemlines until you launder them, making pants and long skirts so taut you’ll never have to pull them from under your heel again. Available at Shasa Emporium in Kahala Mall, floor level in the CPK wing, 808.735.5122,, and online at
Playing Footsies
When it’s time to kick off your heels, you no longer have to brave the soiled floors of bars and hotel lobbies barefoot. Just slip on a pair of Spare Soles – compact, portable ballerina flats that fit in your smallest pocket or accompanying wristlet purse, come in stylish black, brown and silver, and feature a skid-resistant, waterproof bottom that comforts swollen feet and keeps them to safe from any icky substances. Available at Shasa Emporium in Kahala Mall, floor level in the CPK wing, 808.735.5122,, and online at

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