Chicago deep dish pizza, now at Soho Mixed Media Bar

[8/2/12 Correction: A previous version of this article stated V-Lounge consulted on Soho's pizza. They did not.]  

There’s not a lot of Chicago-style deep dish pizza in this town. Every first Wednesday, Hank’s Haute Dogs does a personal-size one, with a form factor more akin to a cupcake than pizza, but other than that, it's slim pizza pickings.

So when Soho (the bar and club in Chinatown) announced its Chi-town Deep Dish Pizza, served out of the former Downtown Doner Shack window, we went to check it out.

The definition of deep dish pizza, according to Soho: “too much sauce, too much cheese, too much crust, but not too much pizza!” It's not as deep as I thought it would be—like jumping into a kiddie pool when you're expecting an Olympic one—but there's generous cheese and a chunky, bright, slightly sweet tomato sauce (for Chicago-style, the sauce goes on top). Its crisp, slightly dry and crumbly crust holds up admirably to the toppings. Still, deep dish it's not.

$3 a slice, $19 for a whole pie. Whole pies take 45 minutes to make, so make sure to call ahead. Available from lunch until late-night, 80 S. Pauahi St., inside Soho Mixed Media Bar, 545-4714,

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