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Sure, George Clooney taught us a thing or two, but for holiday packing tips, we turned to the very best.

We're talking about the guy Up in the Air right now, racking up an insane amount of miles delivering gifts around the world.

Thanks to the latest episode of Case Studies, Tumi's packing video series, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how Santa prepares for his long journey, along with key tips that will work for any trip, no matter the length.

Sleigh and reindeer not included.

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Lei Chic
Tip #1: Make packing lists and check them twice.

Stay organized by making a list of everything you need and check off each item as you pack. Use the same list on your return flight to ensure nothing gets left behind.

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Lei Chic
Tip #2: Stuff stockings prior to packing.

If you have small valuables or delicate trinkets, place them inside a pair of socks. Not only will the socks add another layer of protection, they'll also take up less space inside your suitcase.

*          *          *

Lei Chic
Tip #3: Pack gifts (or bags) inside one another.

Even Santa picks up gifts during his journey. If you plan to shop during your trip, nestle one suitcase inside a slightly larger one and you'll have an extra bag to carry your goodies home.

*          *          *

For more holiday packing tips, "like" Tumi on Facebook and view the entire Case Studies series on YouTube. Shop all of Santa's travel accessories and more on Tumi.com.



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