Ryan Ota's menswear now at The Human Imagination

Hit Man


Menswear by Ryan Ota
Kaya camouflage shirt, $80, and Woodsmen crop pant in navy, $60.

Ryan Ota. Great guy. Often referred to as the M.C. Hammer of menswear designers.

Kidding. He's not, although both know their way around a great pair of pants. Take Ota's new Woodsmen crop pants, just into The Human Imagination.

Now these are too legit to quit: cool, casual trousers with ribbing at the hem for a slightly sporty feel. Think of your man's favorite sweatpants, but with major style upgrades - chambray or wood grain print, faux-leather accented drawstring waistband, contrasting pockets. You know, something a trend-setting hip-hop legend might throw on for an impromptu jam session.

Menswear by Ryan Ota
Close-up of the drawstring waist and contrasting pockets.

This is just the latest hit in Ota's Safety Meeting collection, his first available in a brick-and-mortar store. For the full effect, pump it up with his initial release, the Kaya shirt: a traditional, collared button-down, color blocked in blue or tiger camo with four hidden inseam pockets and pearl snap buttons.

By the way, Ota only makes a handful of each style, so if you or your man decide to STOP before getting to The Human Imagination, his size might already be gone.

And then U can't touch this.

Available exclusively at The Human Imagination, 1154 Nuuanu Ave.

Menswear by Ryan Ota
Woodsmen crop pant in wood grain, $60 (photo courtesy: Ryan Ota).
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